Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Bead Soup Time!

Finally, the much awaited Bead Soup Party! It's time to unwrap the results of our creative cooking! I received my bead soup mix from my partner Rose Binoya, and the color scheme was a pretty sky blue with wood brown and gold. I had so many elements to work with and I tried to use as many of the beads as I could.

First, the pair of wooden dragonfly beads, I decided it was to be a pair of earrings. Are dragonflies attracted to hot pink and cool turquoise blue? These sure are! I was determined to add some fabric to my soup creations and found the best place for it in these earrings. A pair of black Onyx rondelles on either end of the wooden bead and dangling from it a turquoise Kristal Wick batik ribbon bead wrapped in hot pink silk. I love it, what about you?

My next creation is my favorite of the lot. I had bought these bright yellow Magnesite carved flower beads with the thought they would come in handy for some fall jewelry. Add some yellow Crazy Lace Agate beads from my stash, a single painted shell coin bead, mixed with the flowered Copper ring and the oval wooden beads that Rose sent me and we have...

Wouldn't this be a great necklace for the fall season? I am happy about how this one turned out.

And finally, last but not least the Summers Studio ceramic focal, the blue melon beads, and brass toggle were all used to create this piece. Lots of Copper wire, some teal and magenta colored freshwater pearls, some rondelles of Aquaterra (also called Sediment) Jasper and some chain and I came up with this...

I got so caught up in all the wire work that when all was done, it was as if I missed the forest because of all the trees. I was left with a feeling of mmm... was this what I wanted to achieve with this necklace... not quite sure. After this weekend, I might get this one back to the drawing board. Would love to hear what you think?

Some alternate views of my bead soup creations.

I meant to make some matching earrings for the two necklaces, but forgot! I will soon.
Lori talks about what you can do with your Bead Soup jewelry, and in the past I have donated my pieces to various causes that we support at my work place. The American Heart Association has its annual Heart Walk in Tampa on November 5th, and I plan to donate the earrings and the yellow necklace for raising funds for this cause.

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Don't forget to visit my Bead Soup Partner Rose and check out her awesome creations with the beads I sent her.

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