Monday, May 30, 2011

My Winnings from Ecuador and a Jewelry Contest

I first became acquainted with Tagua (Tah-gwa) beads, when Bead Style Magazine in March 2008 featured a colorful spring necklace made from slices of Tagua nut. Then in December of 2010, I won some Tagua Bead Jewelry Kits from sponsored by Pearl of The Beading Gem, who was blogging about the eco-friendly Tagua Beads from Ecuador.

Some weeks later I received this envelope from Ecuador. Inside were some delightful beads, they were made from the seeds of the Tagua Tree and there were also some made from the shell of Coconuts.

The Tagua Tree also known as the 'Ivory Palm' is not really a palm tree, though it looks like one and does not produce animal (after all we are talking about a tree) ivory, only something that looks and feels remarkably like real ivory. After winning these kits from, I decided to read more about the versatile Tagua Palm. Follow this link to learn all about the process of preparing the seed to make colorful beads. This process provides a sustainable income from a renewable resource for the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian rain forests.

These Tagua Nuts are easily dyed and hold their color well, that they definitely can make an eco-friendly alternative to Coral beads.  

Photo courtesy of

Their lightweight will certainly be a boon to those of us who like chunky jewelry.

In addition to providing fabulous colorful beads, the real value of the Tagua nut, is in the fact that it is able to replace Elephant Ivory, in a world that has all but decimated its elephant population for its ivory.
Here are some great examples of animal carvings made from the Tagua nut. Beautiful!
Photo Courtsey of

Once completed, I will share with you the jewelry made with my Tagua beads. Thank you Pearl and thank you

Now about the Jewelry Contest sponsored by, check out their blog for rules on entering their Jewelry Contest for a chance to win $20.00 worth of Tagua Beads and to be featured on the cover of their Tagua Bead Catalog.

Want some Tagua Beads... they even have a 10% off sale now going on, now is the time to check them out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who Wouldn't Want to Win these Wonderful Beads?

Barbara Lewis is celebrating the release of her new book on Amazon with a great giveaway for all her beading friends. Congratulations Barbara!

Take a look at these beads, aren't they gorgeous?

If you would like a chance at winning these beauties, hop on over to her blog and follow her instructions to win...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Mother of All Giveaways!

You have got to check out this giveaway sponsored by Art Bead Scene Blog, the place to go to find out all you ever wanted to know about Art Beads, but was afraid to ask!

Erin of Treasures Found is organizing this giveaway with goodies from many of the artists featured in the 2011 Buyer's Guide to BEADS.  What a collection!

Here is a selection of some the gorgeous beads that are part of the grand giveaway!

Congratulations to all the talented artists whose beads are featured in this issue. If you are the lucky winner you also get a free copy of the hot issue. Good Luck!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Wonderful Giveaway and finding my groove...

After being away for so long from the beading and blogging scene, I am trying to get back in my groove by blog-hopping and checking out what my fellow beaders have been up to these past two months...

I find that posting about current giveaways is a good way to get back into the blogging groove...

Check out these beautiful pastel spring colors. This wonderful selection of beads and findings from Beadaholique are there for you to win. Andrew Thornton is giving them away to some lucky blogger who stops by to post a comment on his giveaway blog posting.
Hurry you only have till Monday the 9th to enter to win.

And how about this idea... Jennifer Jangles talks about getting back into the beading groove in her post at the Art Bead Scene Blog. I really like her idea of picking up half-done projects and getting to work on them right away when you return to the bead table. That way, while I am completing the job in my hand, my brain can get to work on the next project, or the next half-done project. This might also motivate me to complete the many half-done projects I have strewn across my work table.

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow beaders and bloggers! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Need Some Color Harmony?

Want to add some creative color combinations to your jewelry?
Check out this generous giveaway by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things and Lori Anderson Designs.

To win a copy of the book Color Harmony 2 all you have to do is post a comment on her blog.
You have to hurry as the drawing for a lucky winner is happening on Tuesday May 10th.

A guide to creative color combinations!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

If Only It Were True!

Happy Sunday morning to you all! It has been a long time!

First, let me explain my long absense from my blog. It was all due to Taxes and Travel. March madness to me meant getting my books ready for my CPA and completing the filing of my taxes, both personal and business, and then April brought travel, a three week trip to Sri Lanka. Got back on Thurday, still suffering from jet lag, and trying to get my internal clock back on EST in time for work on Monday. But more about my travels in future blogs...

I must however tell you what my CPA said to me after she had completed my taxes. "You have to stop buying so many beads!" Excuse me??? Or she continues I have to sell more jewelry! Hello??? Again easier said than done. Anyway, I have an appointment with her in September, yes, September, to discuss my bead addiction and my business strategy...

Now to the topic at hand...

At work, whenever my colleagues receive magazines with jewelry for sale, they always send it on to me so that I can get a look at the competition and also be inspired. It was in one of the magazines that I saw a pendant made a combination of the following 5 gemstones: 
Amethyst (Amethyst worn as jewelry is thought to keep the wearer calm, free from addiction, sober and stable, also helping to alleviate anxiety);
Crystal Quartz Crystal Quartz has been associated with many spiritual powers since ancient times);
Obsidian (Obsidian is thought to cure depression and grief);
Sodalite (Sodalite is considered a grounding stone, calming emotions and increasing decisiveness by focusing the mind);
Tourmaline (Tourmaline is considered a gemstone for creative people) 
These are some of the attributes that I could find in my searches,
and it was being sold as helping with weight-loss!

How you ask? Well, the theory behind it is that these stones help control addictions (to calories) help focus your thoughts and help you stick to your diet and exercise programs and Viola! You loose weight.

If only it were true? If only it was that easy? 
But, if you believe, it should come true! 
What do you think? Do you believe in the power of natural gemstones?

I must admit the idea is intriguing. Maybe it could help with my bead addiction.

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