Sunday, May 1, 2011

If Only It Were True!

Happy Sunday morning to you all! It has been a long time!

First, let me explain my long absense from my blog. It was all due to Taxes and Travel. March madness to me meant getting my books ready for my CPA and completing the filing of my taxes, both personal and business, and then April brought travel, a three week trip to Sri Lanka. Got back on Thurday, still suffering from jet lag, and trying to get my internal clock back on EST in time for work on Monday. But more about my travels in future blogs...

I must however tell you what my CPA said to me after she had completed my taxes. "You have to stop buying so many beads!" Excuse me??? Or she continues I have to sell more jewelry! Hello??? Again easier said than done. Anyway, I have an appointment with her in September, yes, September, to discuss my bead addiction and my business strategy...

Now to the topic at hand...

At work, whenever my colleagues receive magazines with jewelry for sale, they always send it on to me so that I can get a look at the competition and also be inspired. It was in one of the magazines that I saw a pendant made a combination of the following 5 gemstones: 
Amethyst (Amethyst worn as jewelry is thought to keep the wearer calm, free from addiction, sober and stable, also helping to alleviate anxiety);
Crystal Quartz Crystal Quartz has been associated with many spiritual powers since ancient times);
Obsidian (Obsidian is thought to cure depression and grief);
Sodalite (Sodalite is considered a grounding stone, calming emotions and increasing decisiveness by focusing the mind);
Tourmaline (Tourmaline is considered a gemstone for creative people) 
These are some of the attributes that I could find in my searches,
and it was being sold as helping with weight-loss!

How you ask? Well, the theory behind it is that these stones help control addictions (to calories) help focus your thoughts and help you stick to your diet and exercise programs and Viola! You loose weight.

If only it were true? If only it was that easy? 
But, if you believe, it should come true! 
What do you think? Do you believe in the power of natural gemstones?

I must admit the idea is intriguing. Maybe it could help with my bead addiction.


Azure Accessories said...

Hey there nice to have you back!!!
Trust me I understand...we have lives besides blogging...sometimes we have to participate in the life! :~)

Can't wait to hear about your travels...

Your CPA sounds like she needs to by a few beads??? Then she would understand the addiction...

What a gorgeous know I've many people ask me about the healing properties of stones, I've three thick books that I look up questions in when asked...many people believe stones have great healing powers,others don't...I always say to people "whatever works you"...who am I to tell them other wise?

Hmmm...I'm looking over the list of stones in the bracelet...I think I have all those stones around...could be fun to make a bracelet and see what happen. :~)

Enjoy your Sunday Regina...

Jenni said...

Hi Regina, welcome back, hope you had a lovely trip.
I love gemstones and would like to believe that it is possible that some do have healing/special properties.
Great bracelet, by the way, pretty
Thanks also for stopping by and visiting,

Dawn Doucette said...

I wondered what hole you fell into? LOL Now I get it. I hope your travels were wonderful and that you gained much inspiration on your trip.

Good luck resetting your body clock... I'd say the same about the bead addiction, but we all know there's no cure for that! LOL


Unknown said...

I would love to see the photos from the trip!
So glad you had good travels and welcome back.... But to taxes!?! Ugh! Beads are an investment; when the market crashes and money has lost its value, we will need to go back to trading beads. WHO will be rich then? :)

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