Monday, December 14, 2009

Green Nail Polish - Fall 2009

Today, I had a long day! I was asked to report for Jury Duty and of course, I did. I armed myself with plenty of reading matter, a bottle of water, couple of granola bars, a few pieces of dark chocolate and a sweater ( we were warned that the courtrooms might get cold) and headed out early to the county court house.

After I got through the long security lines and checked in, I was, along with hundreds of others sent into a waiting room. In this room we waited, and waited, and waited. Every half hour or so, a group of names were called out and the would-be jurors were marched away to some court room to begin their duty as jurors. Lunch break came and went, it is 3.30 p.m. and I am still waiting. Finally 25 names were called, and I was one of them and again we waited. We were to be replacements in case any of the other persons chosen earlier in the day could not serve on a jury.  Then an hour later we were told, all was well, they had all the jurors they needed and we could go home. (Hooray!) I know this is an important part of our democracy and our justice system and I am very proud to be a part of it, but it was a long day!

In the waiting room, I was thumbing through some magazines, (did not check the dates) and read that Green Nail Polish was 'in' this Fall Season.

This got me thinking.. what do I have in my jewelry inventory that can be worn with green nail polish, and here it is currently for sale at Sundancegems. Shades of green, shining and shimmering, great for Fall and also the Holiday Party circuit. Enjoy! and don't forget the green nail polish.

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