Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Art Beads Challenge

Today I completed my entry to the January Art Bead Scene challenge. The challenge was based on interpreting Claude Monet's painting ' The Magpie' or ' La Pie'.

For my necklace I used white cultured freshwater pearls, along with faceted nuggets of Rock Crystal Quartz and grey agate with its patterns of waves and swirls. The necklace closes with a sterling silver toggle at the front from which hangs by little snowbird, a Pewter charms from Green Girl Studios and a grey lampwork bead made by Rosemarie Hanus of Spawnofflame.


Claire Goverts said...

I really like the mix of the pearls and the quartz, the clear and opaque works well as a snowy-icy mix to capture the feel of the painting. The toggle clasp and the bird were a good choice as well.

Regina said...

Thank you, Claire. I do like the grey agate beads, had them for awhile and they seemed perfect for this project, had to find the right mix to use them.

EmandaJ said...

Hi Regina,

Lovely set! Wanted to drop you a note thaning you for following my blog. I see you are part of the Virtual Bead Soup Party. What fun!


Regina said...

Thanks to you as well.

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