Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OMG I Won!

Got home from work and there was an email from MaryAnn saying that I was the lucky winner of her most gorgeous pendant. Yippee!

Photograph courtesy of MaryAnn

Does it not remind you of Boulder Opal or Pietersite? I love it and I cannot believe I won! I have had MaryAnn's ceramic beads on my wish list and looks like my wishes are beginning to come true!

Check out MaryAnn's wonderful array of ceramic beads at her Etsy shop it would be hard to choose which ones to buy. You can read all about her creative process in her blog. If you would like to check out the wonderful jewelry designed with MaryAnn's beads, take a look at her website.

Thank you MaryAnn.


Unknown said...

Yay for winning! That pendant is awesome, as a lot of Mary Ann's stuff is. I am looking forward to seeing it in a piece of completed jewelry.

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Wow!! Thanks for all the compliments! You're fantastic Regina!! :O)

Anonymous said...

Great job!

I wanted to share this amazing bead book with everyone

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