Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrating the Arrival of Summer!

It's the beginning of Summer!
It's is hot down here in Florida!
There are some 400 wild fires raging in the State, but nothing like the ones out west in Arizona.
Where are the hurricanes when you need them?
But its a case of being careful what you wish for...

So I am thinking some cool thoughts, light and breezey thoughts, pretty pink thoughts...


Tara P. said...

I love summer, too - even though I live in Arizona! Today was especially brutal - topped out at 113 - eek! The fires are awful - it's really too bad that we have such terrible fires almost every year.

Azure Accessories said...

Such pretty summery earrings!

I love Florida...visit in the winter, the heat must be difficult in your summer season. I know you are acclimatized to it as you live there year round but still must be scorching!

We've have wild fires and flooding in Canada...not where I live,we don't have a great deal of extremes but I feel for those everywhere who do!

Dawn Doucette said...

These are really cute Regina! Love the soft pink! It's a chilly 60-ish here in WI... you send me some sun, I'll send you some rain and we'll meet in the middle for a bead-up! K? :)

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Rhodonite is such a pretty shade of pink, nice design with the butterflies. Thanks for the reminder of summer, I'm also in Wis. where we need that right now!

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