Saturday, February 8, 2014

It has been too long...

that I have been away from my blog.

I have been hopping around and reading and watching my fellow artisan bloggers as they made progress these past months. And I am in need of a serious jolt to kick start me to return to my blogging. I never stopped making jewelry, just spent much less time at the computer, other than to buy beads and to list my jewelry in my shop. I must say that I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest too and I am enjoying the inspiration I draw from the pins.

This weekend, I plan to wake from my slumber and hope to sign on to Lori Anderson's 8th Annual Bead Soup Party!  Thank you, Lori for undertaking this massive project again this year. I have taken part in 6 of the past 7 and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I hope to make this my 7th Bead Soup Party. So set your reminders and see you at the Bead Soup Party sign up!

8th BSBP

It is ironic that my last blog post was my 7th Bead Soup party reveal on April 27, 2013... geez it has been long!

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