Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Hour more for Beading

Last night as my husband went through the ritual of setting the clocks back one hour I was thinking to myself I have an additional hour this weekend! I have got to put it to good use! So with my weekend duties out of the way, I sat to bead, and this is the result.
I had purchased these beautiful earthy green Nephrite Jade beads with circles etched all the way round, that were complemented by the round hand-made sterling silver beads from India. I finished it on either side with lighter green barrel shaped Nephrite beads. All these circles, they reminded me of an owl's eyes, so in my stash of charms was an owl, which promptly got added on to the toggle. Quite happy with the results, check it out!
Then this morning I decide to read about Jade and found that the Confucian virtues of wisdom was one of the attributes that the Chinese associate with Jade. How appropriate then was my wise owl charm! This bracelet is now for sale in my store on Ruby Lane.


Lisa Crone said...

Yay, congratulations on your new blog! Glad I am the first follower :)

What a great bracelet, those beads with the owl charm are perfect together!

-Lisa C.,

PS: thanks for the b-day greeting!

Regina said...

Thanks, Lisa. As you can see I am new at this, but enjoying it.

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