Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is Warm Again in Florida

We floridians are still remembering how cold it was this past winter. I do not think we will complain about the hot weather again! Today in Tampa, FL it is 81 deg F, sunny, few clouds, and all in all a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes you want to find reasons to get outdoors. So what am I doing at the computer? Well, I wanted to share my latest Spring Beauty with all of you.

As a Design Partner for I have used this opportunity to work with materials and beads that I am not too familiar with and incorporate them into my designs. has introduced me to the wonderful world of Venetian Glass Beads, love them!  Can't get enough of them!

Today I post about their Stoneware Beads and Pendants. Such vivid colors and I loved working with them. These beads are made with stoneware clay, fired at different temperatures depending on their color, making for a durable and beautiful bead. Here is what I made with my selection of stoneware beads...

The centerpiece is the Blue Daisy and Ladybugs Pendant joined by a single bead of the same design, add in strands of green freshwater pearls and then an array of round Stoneware beads in all available  colors and the result was this eye-catching celebration of Spring! These beautiful and durable stoneware pendants are handmade by skilled Bulgarian artisans and has such a wide selection, you can spend hours trying to make up your mind. Honest, it was hard to choose just one.

The stoneware beads have large holes, and I found that bead caps are necessary to keep the bead in place. But for the same reason, they would work well with leather or ribbon or any other wider stringing material. I used Copper bead caps, and carries a similar design of bead caps in Copper-plated Pewter. The necklace is closed with a Trigger clasp and extension chain

Check out's recent additions to their stoneware pendants, a must for every beader's stash and Spring wardrobe!

Disclosure: Some of the beads described above I have received free of charge from
I have been asked to review these beads/supplies and give my honest opinion of them.  I am not being paid by for my endorsement of any of the products received and reviewed in my blog postings.


Dawn Doucette said...

This is really pretty Regina! We here in WI would LOVE to have 60's right now... much less 80's! LOL It's grey, rainy and chilly today, so I'm living vicariously through you! :)

Love the necklace! Your colors and mix of materials blended perfectly!

Have a terrific weekend!


Layney Dasher said...


Totally feeling you with weather here in Florida. Winter Haven, FL girl here! Your design with those beads are gorgeous! I really loved the designs and the mix of colors - they come togehter nicely!


Regina said...

Thank you Dawn and Layney for your nice comments. We have severe weather coming our way tonight. My heart goes out to all the victims of the tornadoes that made its way through the south yesterday. Hopefully it will not be as bad when the front comes through FL. Have a good week.

Azure Accessories said...

I hear you Regina, about the mother lives in Leesburge for 6 months of the the year and they found this past winter cold...but I tell her at least it wasn't 6 months of snow!!! :0)...she doens't think that is very funny!!! I visited for 2 weeks, went to Key West and the weather wasn't bad...although the highest temp was around 75 def F., most of the time it was in the 60's F... but for the most part it was sunny, so I can't complain!!!

Love your piece...the stone ware beads and pendants from are gorgeous aren't they. I often choose something I don't normally work with...or sometimes I just choose what I love...:0)


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