Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

In North America, around August 4th is the beginning of what is traditionally known as the 'Dog Days of Summer'. The 40 days that follow are sultry, sweaty, humid, and 'can fry eggs on the sidewalk' hot! The weekly weather forecast in Tampa calls for afternoon highs of 93ºF, with heavy lightening and thundershowers in the afternoon and feels like a 100º hot! Ever wondered how everyone survived before air conditioning became so commonplace and affordable? Then throw a hurricane or two into the mix and you have sunny Florida! I know this is not what the Chamber of Commerce would like me to say... but it is, what it is! Oh, let's not forget the mosquitoes!

A tribute to Dalmatians! 
A bracelet with Dalmatian Jasper. Does Mother Nature love Dalmatians?

Golden Retrievers are the best!
A bracelet with synthetic Goldstone.

Ever wonder why these hot summer days are called the Dog Days of Summer? Well, it has nothing to do with actual dogs. These hot days mark the period when 'Sirius' the brightest star in the Big Dog constellation 'Canis Major' starts to rise with the sun in the daytime sky. Ancient Romans thought the Sirius star added its heat to that of the Sun to produce these very hot days. Hence the ... Dog days of Summer! Now you know!
I thought I would take this opportunity to show some of my personal tributes to our four legged friends. 
Enjoy the Summer!


Beadwright said...

OK so I will trade you spaces. Florence seaside is just the opposite. Cold, gray, and wiiinnnnddddyyy. Would love some 93degree heat.

Tara P. said...

I feel your pain - Phoenix in the summer isn't much fun, either. I love the dalmation jasper, by the way. :)

Tyne said...

Love the dalmation piece! Beautiful!

Can't take the heat anymore here in Minnesota!

Josh said...

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