Friday, August 27, 2010

Serenity Bracelets

Serenity is defined as a sense of calmness, peace, tranquility, or a similar restful state of mind. Something that we all strive to achieve, inspite of the hectic lives we lead.

I try to find time for yoga sessions once a week and the best part of the session is always the breathing exercises that helps me relax, focus and hopefully strengthen me mentally.

Serenity Bracelet with Coral, Turquoise and Moss Agate

The relaxing breath exercise, called the 4-7-8 method is simple, let me show you how...
  • Get the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth behind the two front teeth and keep it there.
  • Exhale completely through the mouth with a 'whoosh' sound.
  • Inhale through the nose, for the count of 4, lower chest first, then upper chest should expand.
  • Hold your breath for the count of 7.
  • Exhale through mouth with a 'whoosh' sound for a count of 8.
  • Repeat, at least three times... feel yourself reaching an inner peace!
These numbers 4-7-8 inspired me create a bracelet with 4 Sponge Coral Nuggets, 7 faceted rondelles of Moss Agate, and 8 Turquoise nuggets. This bracelet has an Om (aum) charm hanging from it. Om comes from Sanskrit, and affirms a Divine presence in the Universe and the union of our mind and body and spirit!

My next Serenity Bracelet is made using two of my favorite gemstones, Tiger Eye and Turquoise. I used 4 Tiger Eye coins, 7 Turquoise rondelles and 8 faceted Tiger Eye rounds. This bracelet has Copper beads and a beautiful sun toggle clasp.

Serenity Bracelet with Tiger Eye and Turquoise
So what do you think, will wearing a Serenity Bracelet help someone slow down, remind to breathe calmly, and lead to inner tranquility? 

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Erin Siegel said...

Oooh...I love this! Both the bracelets and the concept. I absolutely love the first serenity bracelet, it is beautiful! And what a nice reminder it would be for the breathing exercise! Great idea!

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