Saturday, November 6, 2010

Donuts are good for you, aren't they?

In October I was informed by Dave of Ring & Things that I was the lucky winner of their monthly goodie bag, Yeah! So I waited with anticipation and then they arrived, Gemstone Donuts, the kind of donuts that are good for you, no calories, no guilt, no extra inches around the waistline!

I LOVE natural gemstones, in fact, it was what lured me into beading in the first place, and this goodie bag was filled with spectacular specimens of mother nature's goodies.

The first one, I just had to make something with right away, was a square smooth donut, so greyishly green, so different, and so aptly name Silver Mist Jasper. I used a sterling silver donut bail to center it on a necklace of colorful faceted round gemstones for some holiday, no, not just the holidays, for some year-round cheer. Do you like it?

Next check out these fabulous shapes. Unlike the usual smooth donuts, some are nicely faceted and add dimension to the donut. The triangular faceted shape is known as Trillion, and the gemstone shown in the picture is Green Jade, a beautiful shade of green. There are even faceted octagonal donuts.


The patterned Picture Jasper is a work of art in itself, each gemstone a miniature picture of a scenic desert landscape. 

What can one do with these donuts? A pendant, as I have in the piece shown above with a traditional strand of gemstones, or with leather for a rustic look, silk for the soft look, or even as a center piece for a lariat. Some beadwork wrapped around it, oh my! The possibilities as they say are endless. I started another necklace using a square Snowflake Obsidian donut, some black leather cord and contrasting red sponge coral beads.....  that should be eye catching! 

Would you like to work with some gemstone donuts? 

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be considered for two drawings for a pair of gemstone donuts, courtesy of Rings & Things. Spread the word by posting about it in your blog and you will be entered twice. 

The winners will receive a pair of gemstone donuts, one from each set - the brown set and the green set, let me know which one from each pair you would prefer.

Shades of brown faceted Picture Jasper Donuts - let me know which one you would like, if you win.

Shades of green, square green Aventurine and green Jade (with the speckles) Donuts - pick one of the two.

If you like to make a statement with gemstone jewelry, you will love these donuts, they are certainly substantial, each one 50mm at its widest. Don't you think they would look good with your fall and winter wardrobe?

I will draw the two lucky winners next Sunday the 14th of November. 

As a Rings & Things Blog Partner I received these beads free of charge and I am not compensated by Rings & Things for my opinions, etc.


The Beading Gem said...

I too love their more unusually cut gemstone donuts. The green set is especially lovely. I just adore your wonderful design way at the top! Your multi-gemstone picks are just spot on!

Aquariart said...

Love your first necklace, expecially the bail. Very nice. Lucky you to receive all that goodness. I would be happy to be surprised by any of those beauties but have a special fondness for the picture jasper. I already have a post ready for tomorrow but would be happy to post about this on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for your generousity

Tyne said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I love the "triangle" cut doughnut, as well as the one with the specks in them.


Your work is wonderful and those donuts are awesome! Thanks for hosting this great give away! The brown is the favorite and I like texture in the round one and also love the shape of the other one, so it would be a draw! In the green I like both equally well too, so if I am chosen, would be happy with any of them!

Shai Williams said...

I love those donuts! They are some of the more unusual ones I have seen. I adore the bail that used. Wherever did you find it?

Shai Williams said...

Ooops I forgot to say which one I liked. I am drawn to the octagonal donut.

Dave Robertson said...

Regina, nicely done with the mixed gemstones in your first necklace and the coral + snowflake obsidian in the second! These look very pretty and set off the centerpiece pendants just right. Have fun with your giveaway; I'll spread the word too!

--Dave at Rings & Things

Stonesetter said...

Love the triangle donut and the jade one. There are so many possible uses for each of them

Pretty Things said...

You were soooo lucky! I love going to the Rings and Things trunk show when it hits Baltimore, MD!

I'd love ANY of those, but the first two really are my favorites!

Sally Anderson said...

These beautiful donuts. Here I thought they were just plain round stones! Shows how little I know! I would especially love the jaspers. But, if were the lucky winner, I'd be just as happy w/ the blue/green pair. I'm easy to please. Thanks for making these available! --SallyA

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