Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Winners and Dressing Up Your Donut!

The winners of a pair of Gemstone Donuts from my Rings&Things goodie bag, determined by a random number generator, are Needlewings of A Frayed of Fibers and Stonesetter. Congratulations to both! Each of you will receive a pair of donuts, one of Picture Jasper and one of the green donuts. Please send me an email with your name and address so that I can mail your donuts to you. Enjoy!

A big thank you to all who visited my blog and participated. Your visits and comments are so appreciated.

Green Aventurine and Jade
Picture Jasper

Thank you to Dave of Rings&Things for sending me such a generous goodie bag.

Not having much experience in working with donuts, I decided I would look around to see how fellow beaders dress up their donuts.

Of course, there is always the easy way out, which I choose when I created my multi-gemstone and donut necklace with premade bails. A nice selection of these metal donut bails can be found at Rings&Things.

Then there are the more creative and gorgeous ways of doing it too.

Cyndi of Beading Arts has a free tutorial for a simple square stitch bail for a donut; while has a free tutorial for making a Peyote Stitched Donut Bail. For something a little different check out Kassie's beadwork bail, she even has a variety of tutorials that can be purchased. If only I can purchase time and patience...

Wrapping wire around the donut to create your very own simple, or glorious, or elaborate bail is another option and I found many tutorials for beginners and advanced wire workers on  They were all very beautiful, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one... simple yet different, wrapped by made by Edis Treasures at

Tiger Eye Donut dressed by EdisTreasures
Have a good week, everyone!



Oh wow, what a nice surprise! Thanks for the win!
here's my address:
Wanda Stivison
PO Box 150
Union Furnace, OH 43158


I must say that my first reaction was that I would have to give the donuts to my hubby since I am diabetic and then I realized what kind I had won and happy to say now that he doesn't get any! lol Thanks again!

Legacy of Love said...

beatuful handiwork on that donut bead. I wish I had more of the knack for working with wire

Have a great day and thanks for sharing

God Bless, julie


Thanks so much! They arrived just in time for my birthday too!!!! What a nice present! As a matter of fact I had only gotten one other gift so I felt like a kid again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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