Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ear Earrings for your Ears

Does that sound like a tongue-twister? But is is more than that.
Check out the earrings made by artisan Percy Lau of London, England.

She specializes in miniature body part jewelry.

A little third ear?

Can you imagine freaking people out by wearing something so realistic?

An earring for your little third ear?

My husband read about this 'genetic disorder' on gizmodo and brought it to my attention.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Lois Moon said...

totally crazy!

Linda Hugues said...

It was great to meet you at the Great Frame Up reception last night. Wonderful blog and jewelry...This little ear thing does freak me out a bit. :o)

Cindy said...

I saw these earrings on FB, I think...and oh my, not sure about these! I know they would get more than a few double takes when worn! :-)

Copper Diem said...

Wow, those are wild! that would have people taking a second look for sure :)

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