Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Grilling, with gemstones?

Shish Kebabs make a perfect Summer meal, satisfying both meat lovers, just keep the veggies out; and the veggie lovers, just skewer more veggies, alike. For some history about the dish and for delicious variations check out Kathy Master's How to Shish Kebabs on

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But I am thinking of Shish Kebabs of a different kind.
What about us gemstone lovers? So this is my receipe for ...

Gemstone Shish Kebabs
  • A pair of metal headpins, 2 " or longer, choice of metal depending on your personal preference.
  • Select suitably sized gemstone beads, again there is plenty of other types of beads to choose from as well... pearls, crystals, and so on. Sizing is important to keep the kebab lightweight. You can use a single variety of bead, or mix it up to suit your palate. 
  • Metal spacers increase the flavor, again you have a choice of metals. Mix a variety of metals on the same kebab, sure why not? That could be quite a treat.
  • Skewer the beads one by one, alternate with metal spacers as desired.
  • Top it off with a round bead, metal or even a crystal for some sparkle.
  • Hang on an ear wire of your choice, again style and metal of your choice.
As you can see there are endless combinations... So enjoy your Summer with some delicious gemstone Shish Kebabs. 
Here is a look at some I made...

Turquoise Shish Kebabs

Aquamarine Shish Kebabs

Carnelian Shish Kebabs

Enjoy your Summer!


Almost Precious said...

Summer is my favorite time as it puts my stove and oven on a mini vacation. Love it when the grill is used and for some reason everything seems to taste better too.

So cute and clever of you to get your inspiration from tasty shish-kabobs to make delicious, long gemstone dangles. Very pretty.

Jenni said...

They all look delicious.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great analogy Regina! The earrings are the pearl necklace on the left as well!

Hope everything is good with you.

janedukey said...

Shish kabab we get great of quality food that includes Shish kabab, chicken curry, kofta kebab and many more items as it is a perfect choice for guest and family.

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