Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gifts from Andrew!

This week Andrew Thorton, known for his great Thursday Giveaways is giving away six, yes, I said six colorful spools of Soft Flex Craft Wire from the generous folks at the Soft Flex Company.

Hurry on over to his blog and read all about it and enter to win by leaving a comment. The deadline for this great giveaway is Tuesday, December 7th.

Talking about Andrew, in his shop he carries some of my favorite heart charms from Candice Wakumoto. Some months ago, I purchased some bronze heart charms made by Candice and made this cute pair of earrings with them, do you like it?

After I sold this pair I wanted get more of these charms and, he was all sold out!! I searched the www and found out that Andrew's shop is one of the few places, maybe the only place that you can buy her beads.

Then around Thanksgiving I found out that Andrew had got them back in stock and I got more... and as I write I am playing with these charms and planning more earrings. Thank you Andrew, and thank you for the wonderful little Green Girl Studio clasp that you sent along, just love it. You know I will be back for more.


The Beading Gem said...

Thanks for your tips, Regina! Those heart charms are to die for! No wonder you wanted more.

Pretty Things said...

Those earrings rock! I love things like that!

Esme said...

Those heart charm earrings are very elegant.

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