Monday, December 6, 2010

Is it good enough for your vote?

Remember the What Inspires You Beading Contest sponsored by Just look to the left!
Well, I entered my Purple Passion necklace in the contest. If you would like to read about what inspired me to make this necklace, please check it out at the contest site on FaceBook.

The contest is currently in the public voting stage and everyone gets to pick out 5 of their favorites from the entries, so I do not feel so shameful about this shameless plug after all! I hope  that my necklace will be one of the 5 you pick as your favorites. You have got to hurry though, voting ends on the 8th of December. Thank you and enjoy the talented beaders who have submitted some fantastic designs and talk about their inspirations.


Michelle said...

Regina - Your piece is lovely and I voted for it as one of my top 5 on the contest! Good luck!!


Erin said...

Pretty piece! I will take a look at the ArtBeads contest. I also LOVE your December necklace in your shop! Whoa, that's a stunner! Love your work!

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