Monday, January 17, 2011

Be(ad) My Valentine!

The happy people from Happy Mango Beads have just announced another beading contest (and it is not just for jewelry) for Valentine's Day inspired projects.

The categories that you can enter are...

Loves me like a rock - gemstones
Rose are red, violets are blue - flowers
I heart you! - hearts
Unchained Melody - chains, metal
Love Shack - wood, glass
Love makes the world go 'round - ethnic
Puppy Love - animals
Second Time Around - recycled, re-purposed
Peace & Love Man! - hippie, funky
Love thy Mother (Earth) - natural, organic

yes, there is a category for everyone... but only one entry per person. So get your creative caps on and let's get started, I plan to enter too! All entries must be in to them by midnight February 11, 2011. You will find all the information you need right here.

And the best part of these contests organized by Happy Mango Beads is that they do not require that you be a customer of their wonderful store or that you use beads from their store, but check out the store and I know you will love to shop from their interesting and unique collection of beads.


Azure Accessories said...

Another great contest...I love Happy Mango Beads...they offer great personalized service which I like, besides having wonderful stock!

I rarely enter in these contests...I often think I will but then I forget and the deadline passes me by!!!

I think part of the problem is I lack inspiration at this time of the year???

Good luck to you Regina...

Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks for sharing Regina! Call me crazy but I've never entered a contest with my designs... I know, what am I afraid of?

I just blogged about the contest and linked back to your blog! Again, thanks so much for sharing this. You inspire me my dear!


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