Monday, January 24, 2011

Lori's Wonderful Giveaway!

I am sure by now you have heard about Lori's wonderful giveaway

She is giving away the one thing you really need to make such great earrings!
An ImpressArt Letter Stamp Set from P.J. Tool & Supply.

Mixed-up Love Earrings by Lori

If you are like me and had a very busy weekend and are now sitting down to catch up, then you better hurry on over to Lori's blog - Pretty Things, and follow her instructions to get your name in the hat to win this wonderful letter stamp set. While you are at it, check out the other cool things that P.J. Tool & Supply have to offer us jewelry designers. I will certainly visit them soon.

1 comment:

Azure Accessories said...

Isn't that a great give away...I've seen other blogs who are offering the same contest...P.J. Tool & Supply are going all out.

Love the detail in the font...
Thanks for sharing Regina.

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